How to start blogging: A Step-by-Step Tutorial on how to setup a blog using wordpress

Hello Fam! This is a step by step tutorial on how to start blogging that i have created to make the process of starting a blog easier for you. I know you are very excited to start with writing your first blog post, so be sure to read and follow the below mentioned steps carefully.

This post has taught many people how to start a blog, and they can write a successful blog, even for those who are don’t like coding or technical stuff.

It doesn’t matter if you are setting up this blog for a personal use, or a business for profit, or a company’s blog this step by step approach on how to start blogging will be very useful for you in the future. You can always bookmark this.

Here you’ll find a list of some blogs that our readers/students have built by taking this tutorial, you are free to contact me if you have made your blog by following this tutorial and would like to get your blog featured here.

  • Wanna Be Vogue
    Wanna Be Vogue


Coding knowledge required?

I am sure all of you must be thinking that ‘Blogging’ sounds something related to internet coders and you think that because you don’t know how to code you can’t start blogging – WRONG, there is no prerequisites to start blogging except your will to start writing and helping the community. So let’s begin with How to start a blog ?

Steps on How to Start Blogging:

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Step 1:  Identify the purpose of starting blogging
Step 2:  Register a domain name
Step 3:  Buy web hosting
Step 2 and Step 3 can be done together on  web hosting services.
Step 4:  Install the blog software (WordPress)
Step 5:  Customize your blog
Step 6:  Start blogging, and claim your free “Bloggers guide to a successful blog”

Step #1: Identify the purpose of starting blogging

Blogging is all about expressing your thoughts by the means of writing it on the internet. Make sure to be very clear about what your blog is about. It is our personal recommendation to you, that not to start a blog unless you are clear what will you write.

The only person who can help you get the answer of “What to blog about” is you, ask yourself what do you like the most, or what is that only thing without which your day is incomplete, for some it’s technology, or may be fashion, or it could be food, just take your time and think on what niche you can blog about.

10 kick-ass blogging niche

By the way what do you do in your spare time? Sing a song? Or play guitar?
Just figure out that one thing which you can do without even getting paid and Voila! you found your niche of blogging.

I hope by now you’ve decided your niche/category upon what to blog, be sure that you are clear on the below mentioned things before you start:

  • Why have you started blogging or What is the purpose of your blog?
  • Is your blog providing any value to the system? Or what is that significant value/contribution that your blog makes.
  • Why someone should visit your blog? what is that advantage that you are providing your readers.

Step #2 & 3: Register a domain name and purchase hosting for starting blogging.

As i mentioned these two task can be done together on AsmallOrange hosting services. We personally recommend this company as we too use this service. All other competing hosting companies offer almost the same things at the same price, but that advantageous point in AsmallOrange hosting is the best after sale customer service that they offer. This is how you can buy your hosting and domain name from AsmallOrange.

AsmallOrange main page

AsmallOrange Shared Hosting


  • Step 4: Enter the domain name that you wish to register for this blog and then click check.


  • Step 5: Make sure that this box turns green while displaying congratulations message, and just uncheck the box if you don’t want this domain to register privately.
    If you’ve just started blogging and want to save on money we recommend you to uncheck this box (I want to register this domain privately ($7/Year)).
    Click Save then.


  • Step 6: We are almost done, you just need to fill up your billing information, credit card details or Paypal information.  (Contact Us if you are facing any problems)


  • Step 7: When you scroll down you’ll see this check box where they will ask you to pay an additional $20 for security. It’s upto you to check or uncheck. (if you’re a beginner we won’t suggest you to pay for this service, so you can uncheck this and move)


  • Step 8: Finally the time comes,  you are just a click away to get your own blog. Make sure the things are as described. Use the coupon code: DEFODIO to get an additional 15% off on this purchase. Make sure that the final amount does not exceed $42.5. (If it exceeds then that means you have checked some service above which is charged, please uncheck if you don’t want any other service)
    Just click confirm and agree, and finally place my order.

Step 4: Install the blog software (WordPress)

  • By now you have purchased the hosting. Check your email inbox for an email from AsmallOrange Team
    subject could be probably: “New Account Information from A Small Orange”
    Just click login to Cpanel alternatively you can use the link mentioned in the email to login to the cpanel and enter the ID and password given in the email.

AsmallOrange Cpanel Login

  • Enter the ID and password as given in the email

AsmallOrange Cpanel Login

  • Once you login successfully in the Cpanel, just search – > Apps, then click softaculous apps installer

Asmall orange cpanel wordpress installer

  • Click on WordPress to install it on your new domain. There are many other apps as well that you can install, or an eCommerce store may be.

Asmall orange cpanel wordpress installer

  • Click Install on WordPress

Asmall orange cpanel wordpress installer

  • This window will open up. Just make sure your website name is reflecting there. Also make sure the textbox (named: In directory) is empty. When it is empty the wordpress installation will be done in the root directory by default.

Asmall orange cpanel wordpress installer

  • Scroll down to fill in some more details like your Site name, give it a subtitle (description).
    Set your user name and password for login to the backend and give your primary email ID (gmail Id or any other email agent)

Asmall orange cpanel wordpress installer

  • Scroll down and press Install, don’t forget to give your email ID so that they send an email about the installation completion.

Asmall orange cpanel wordpress installer

  • This is the window that you’ll see after installation.

Asmall orange cpanel wordpress installer

Asmall orange cpanel wordpress installer


Now that you’ve installed your wordpress on your site successfully. This is how you can login to your back end account and start with your first blog post.


Asmall orange cpanel wordpress installer


  • And once you hit the Log In – Welcome to your back end panel of WordPress.
    You have successfully completed your primary step of “How to start blogging”.

How to start blogging WordPress panel

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Step 5: Customize your blog

Now that you have purchased your own space on the internet and setup wordpress on it, let us walk you through the functionality and usability of each and every feature in the dashboard (back-end) panel of wp-admin window. This is a screenprint of the dashboard that you’ll see once you login to the wp-admin control panel.

Starting from the top we have :

Wordpress window functions how to start blogging

  1. Posts – Under this category you’ll be writing your new posts, updating a post or deleting one. Also you can manage categories, and tags under this tab.
  2. Media – All your pictures that can be uploaded on your blog are stored here, you can manage (add, delete, update) them under this tab.
  3. Pages – Here you can create new pages for your blog. Pages can be Contact us, About us, Latest news, etc. You can  manage (add, delete, update) them under this tab.
  4. Comments – This is an integral part of your blogging journey, once your blog is live and active, you’ll have to moderate these comments coming on your posts. You can do this under this tab.
  5. Appearance – This is a very complex tab and has a lot of items in it like:
    • Themes – Here you can change, add, update the current theme.
    • Customize – WordPress gives you full control on your website, once you go to appearance>customize you have the ability to change the look and feel as per your convinence.
    • Widgets – The right sidebar where you can place so gadgets like: Social media plugin, latest posts, or any HTML/CSS/Javascript cod.
    • Menus – Here you can create a menu for your site, which may contain Home, Contact us, About us, etc. .
    • Header – This item helps you to upload an image to your site header.
    • Background – This item helps you to upload an image in your site background.
    • Theme info – It will tell you the name, built and other statictics about the theme that you’re using.
    • Editor – Under this hood, you have the access to edit the HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP code written by the developer of the theme. (don’t use this unless you know the code well)
  6. Plugins – plugins being an integral part of wordpress based blogging, under this hood you can add, delete plugins that will support your website. Plugins are like attachments that support your blog and gives you an extra functionality. Few recommended plugins are:  YOAST SEO, TinyMCE Advanced, Contact Form 7, Meta slider.
  7. Users – Here you can add, delete change roles of the people who can access your blog’s back-end. It is something similar like giving permission to XYZ to write a blog post by creating his account on your site so that he can access wp-admin from his ID, and password.
  8. Tools – As the name suggest it is nothing but when you want to switch (export) or you want to import (bring ) some data then you can use it.
  9. Settings – Under this category, you can manage general, reading, writing settings.

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