How not to spam and still promote your post and expect good reach

India tops the list in terms of spamming

Spamming has became a serious problem now, for those who don’t know what is spamming let us give you a brief introduction about spamming.

As per Wikipedia India tops the list of most spammed countries with 13.7% by volume of spamming.

India tops the list in terms of spamming

When you or an electronic automated system sends unsolicited messages to a huge list or a group on social media/email or directly to cellphones as SMS is called Spamming.

Have you ever witnessed lots of notifications from a single person that he has posted a same post in many groups on social media.

people spamming on social media

And i am sure some of you reading here can related this with their life. We get disturbed by seeing this everytime when we turn on the data or WiFi.

Now here is a simple solution on how you can stop spamming and start helping people so that they actually read your post and express their views about it.

Follow this step by step approach on how to promote your post for free and organically without spamming

Option 1: Find a group on facebook on to which you can help the users with your written content (post).

Let’s say : Your post title is – “How to buy Le1s on a flash sale”

Probably this is something most of the users would be searching and waiting for, and think if you’ll post this in a ‘Startup Delhi’ or ‘Startup community’ this will be treated as spamming, because it’s unwanted.

So we need to identify something similar to what you’re writing. Now in this instance search facebook with ‘Le’  once you start typing this you’ll be able to scroll through many groups that is dedicated to LeEco or Le.


Now open the group and check if someone needs the phone, or some one is asking for help to buy a phone.

There is a difference in posting your blog link and helping others.
If you are posting your blog link in the group when no one needs it then you are spamming instead what if you find a person who wants an answer on “How to buy Le1s on a flash sale” that means you are helping him.

Let me show you an example of help where someone has posted a question and the blogger has given his link ( a solution to his problem)


Or may be if you want to recommend a service to someone that you have blogged about, all you need to do is to find a someone who needs that.


So from now onward you don’t need to spam. Just find a group where you think people are waiting for your help. Identify a user who is asking a question and in comments post your link.

List of Facebook groups in which you can help people.

Option 2: Forums

Forums are the official blackboard of a brand where their users express their concern and happiness. On the forum the brand makes announcement about the latest releases in the software and major changes. Forums are also a place for helping and sharing things. If you know something that you think others might not know then you can create a post about it (just like a blog post) and start helping people.

Example: Check this post here, where a user has posted a solution on how the users can change theme.

You can give a small introduction and then write to read more click here and give your blog post link there.

promoting posts using forums

In this way you’re helping someone who might be looking for some answers.

In this next example, someone asked a question and another user replied with a link and asked him to go there to follow the steps, here is the link to the thread check yourself.

promoting posts using forums


Now here is the steps how you can utilize this space to attract readers:

  • Go to forums (gadgets, technology, etc) and find a problem that a user is facing.
  • Try to upload a solution by not writing the whole post but half post and in the end giving a link to your blog.
    (Read more at my Blog)
  • This is a full proof way to attract more readers to your blog.
  • In this way you will be in good books of the moderator and may be someday moderator might allow a video of yours to be uploaded like the one below. (jackpot)



List of tech/gadgets forums.

How to get rid of spammers || Open the group and select this

If someone has still not stopped spamming on facebook groups  – Here is a solution to get rid of it. There is one and only one way, but by this you’ll end up getting no notifications. Check below.


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